About PhotoHistory.ca

What I Do, and Why:

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by history. Not that which we learn in school, with dry facts and dates that must be memorized and regurgitated for the next test. I have been fascinated by the living, breathing history of the major events that have shaped our world all the way down to the tiny things that played a role in our communities. In the great tapestry of time, each of these events, world-shaking or insignificant, have a part in making us who we are today, and forming the path for generations to come.

In this site, I will share those parts of history that I learn about, or am able to capture in my visits through writing, photography, video, or whatever media lends itself to the preservation of history for the others to enjoy.

The Tools I Use:

For my general photography and some video, I use a Nikon D5100 DSLR. For aerial photography and video, I use a DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone modified with an improved Rotorpixel gimbal. Photospheres used in the virtual tours are taken with a Nexus 4 phone mounted on a tripod. Some first-person video will be shot using a Contour GPS action cam. Stabilized video is shot using a DJI Osmo.

Audio recording is handled either by a Zoom H1 audio recorder, or by a Rode VideoMicro microphone attached to either the D5100, or the DJI Osmo.

This website is built upon the Drupal Content Management System. Photos and graphics are manipulated using Adobe Photoshop.

Contacting Me:

I welcome comments about the site, and what you see here. Any suggestions on how to improve things are also gratefully accepted. To do so, email me at mike@photohistory.ca.